• Chiseled Face Beard Oil - Sherlock

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  • Chiseled Face Beard Oil - Sherlock

    Chiseled Face has developed their beard oil over a span of 2 years, well over 100 hours of research, and made many many trial batches. Finally, Chiseled Face developed a product they can back with 100% confidence as the best beard oil they have ever encountered. This is a proprietary blend of argan oil, jojoba oil, emu oil, rosehip oil, broccoli seed oil, castor oil, lanolin, avocado oil, raspberry seed oil, and vitamin E.

    Chiseled Face Beard oil is perfect for any beard – will help make you look and feel better. Say goodbye to your itchy, rough, dry, or flaky beard, this is the oil you that you’re looking for! Chiseled Face Beard Oil also works well as a pre-shave oil or an after shave oil on dry winter days.

    Hold: Light

    Finish: Natural / Light Shine

    Scent: Sherlock is a Victorian inspired, classic masculine scent that is comprised of Tobacco, Leather, Caramel, Earth, and Wood Smoke.

    Size: 1 oz (30 ml) Amber Glass Bottle 

    Artisan Made in the USA

    Chiseled Face