• Felce Azzurra Intimo Lenitivo (Intimate Cleanser) 200ml

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  • Felce Azzurra Intimo Lenitivo (Soothing Intimate Cleanser) 200ml

    The Felce Azzurra Soothing Intimate Cleanser gently and naturally takes care of intimate hygiene for the whole family. Tests carried out under gynecologiists supervision show evidence of maximum skin compatibility even on sensitive skin.  Thanks to its balanced pH, it does not alter the natural physiological balance of delicate parts and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness.  With natural extracts of Chamomile, with softening and soothing power, it ensures you a feeling of cleanliness, well-being and relief.

    Manufactured By Paglieri

    Made in Italy

    Felce Azzurra