• RazoRock Acrylic Razor Stand

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  • RazoRock Black and Clear Acrylic Razor Stand

    I believe it was Einstein that said, “Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler”, why did it take us so long to design this product? 

    Razor handles come in different diameters; this can be frustrating for shavers that own many different safety razors and who are looking for stands that can accomodate almost all of them. We sell razors with 12 mm handles, 13 mm handle and also handles with 14 mm butt ends. Now we have a stand that can accomodate all of them! The RazoRock black and clear acrylic razor stand is sturdy and the deep drilled well allows the stand to be used with razor handles up to 15 mm in diameter and over 110 mm in length.

    If you looking for a great shaving brush that will match this stand beautifully, look no further than our RazoRock BC Silvertip Plissoft, click here

    Specs: stand will accomodate most safety razor handles up to 15 mm in diameter.

    *Please note that the hole where the razor sits is not polished*