• (S&D) RazoRock Stainless Steel Inkwell Razor Stand

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  • Note:  These stands are OUT OF STOCK.  If you are looking for a similar stand, click HERE

    (S&D) RazoRock Stainless Steel Inkwell Razor Stand

    *PLEASE NOTE: We were not happy with the polish on these stands so they are being sold as "scratch and dent." Although the finish is not bad, it doesn't pass as first quality, there are minor blemishes and swirl marks. We are selling these for a heavily discounted price of $7.99 USD. Our competitors sell similar razor stands for $40 and up!

    Razor handles come in different diameters; this can be frustrating for shavers that own many different safety razors and who are looking for stands that can accommodate almost all of them. We sell razors with 12 mm handles, 13 mm handle and also handles with 14 mm butt ends. This stainless steel inkwell stand that can accommodate all of them! The RazoRock Stainless Steel Inkwell Razor Stand is fully CNC milled from 316L stainless steel. It is very compact but has excellent weight, a great way to display your razors in a cabinet or on the bathroom countertop. As you can see, the price for the stand has been HEAVILY discounted. If you love your RazoRock fully milled stainless steel handles, this inkwell stand is the perfect companion. 

    Specs: stand will accommodate most safety razor handles up to 14 mm in diameter.