• Handmade Authentic Buffalo Horn Palm Lathering Bowl - Large

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  • Handmade Authentic Buffalo Horn Palm Lathering Bowl - Large

    These bowls will add luxury to your daily shave and make for a great gentleman's gift!  This is the large size with a mouth opening diameter of roughly 5 inches!

    A great way to whip up a shaving lather without damaging the handle of your luxury shaving brush.  Traditional shaving mugs are narrow and deep, making it very difficult to whip up a lather without banging the handle of your shaving brush on the sides.

    In one of the pictures attached, I have shown the difference between this bowl and the traditional smaller palm bowls...Look at the size difference!

    In another picture, you can see a great lather I whipped up (with a traditional boar brush), in about 30 seconds.  The horn bowl is very light weight yet durable and easy to palm, even in smaller to medium size hands.

    PLEASE NOTE: These bowls are hand made with Natural Horn by an artisan.  Each bowl will be unique with differences in color and pattern because of the natural horn.

    Overall dimensions:
    Top Diameter: 5.0 inches - approximately
    Height: 2.5 inches - approximately