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RazoRock “SLAB” Three Piece Safety Razor

 [Item # RRSLABRazor]
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List price: $39.99
Customer Rating
(7 Ratings)
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RazoRock “SLAB” Three Piece Safety Razor

The story behind the “SLAB” razor sounds something like a childhood fairytale...

When I first discovered the wonderful world of traditional wet shaving, I Googled like a maniac, trying to find the perfect razor to buy. All the major wet shaving forums were recommending two of the most popular razors from two of the biggest razor manufacturers. So, after asking some forum members what I should do, I got the common answer... “BUY BOTH!”, lol. I did buy both, and the experimentation and learning began. What I realized was... one of the razors was too aggressive for me and was leaving my neck raw, and the other razor was too mild, not leaving my face smooth enough. On top of that, both had hollow handles with not enough grip, for my slippery fingers. What I needed to find was that razor which would be “just right.” A shaver that was efficient enough to leave my face smooth, while at the same time leaving my face irritation-free.

I think I have found that razor with the RazoRock “SLAB.” On top of that, the “SLAB” comes fitted with an 80mm long, high polished, 316L marine grade stainless steel handle, with the deepest and grippiest (not a real word, I know) knurling in the business! The head is chrome over zinc alloy, to keep the cost and retail price in-check. The stainless steel is used in the right area, the handle, to give the razor weight and feel substantial in the hand. In my humble opinion, you will not find a better shaving razor at this price-point, maybe not at any price-point!

Oh, and one last thing, because I know you are going to ask... What does “SLAB” stand for? SHAVE-LIKE-A-BOSS!

Weight: Approximately 90g

To sweeten the pot even further, we are including a FREE 5-pack of Lord Platinum blades!

Blades Included: 5-pack Lord Platinum Blades


by Michael Catignani Date Added: Saturday 05 October, 2013
I started shaving with a EJ89 which is a fantastic razor and is equally beautifully polished and finished. It seemed it lacked a little aggressiveness that I needed due to my thick, wiry facial hair. After doing some research I bought a heavier handle. That did make for a better shave but it was still lacking a bit. My search landed me on this razor, after researching I discovered this razor had the same handle I purchased separately yet was cheaper than the handle I had purchased previously and was supposedly slightly more aggressive. Due to the glowing review on here and my own research I figured I would buy the razor and see what was what. Initial impressions of the razor where the head had some minor plating issues (no where near the attention to detail of the EJ89) but the handle was actually slightly more polished and better looking than the handle I previously purchased. How does it shave? After the first shave I put my EJ89 up for sale on the forum that I frequent for information. It does what I need to get done and does it well. Its bittersweet that this razor is not better known. I am glad because I got it for a heck of a deal, upset because I spent $70 on a razor that gave a very good shave vs this one I spent $40 and got a freaking awesome shave. If you are a first time DE buyer this razor will still be great for you, not too aggressive that you will slice and dice your face but also you can grow with this one and it is a great shaver and a heck of a great price. I wish the plating was a smidge better but I am not going to let that cloud my satisfaction with the price or value of this setup. Do not hesitate to buy this razor. I think everyone that uses a DE should have one in their collection! Buy this, and a couple small items and you get free shipping too! WOOOO!! =)..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Rejean Benoit Date Added: Monday 31 March, 2014
Just tried my new S.L.A.B today, I have only one word to say about this razor "AMASING,FANTASTIC" well two words. Lol Agressiveness is about like the "Jaw" may be even a bit more, well not for beginners in wet shaving...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by MIchael ONeil Date Added: Monday 24 March, 2014
What a great razor! I purchased the SLAB because of the quality handle, what a surprise to find it shaves as close as my Muhle R41. I consistently get BBS shaves from this razor. It is an aggressive smooth razor. Very well balanced, great weight and a perfect size. The knurling on the handle is excellent, never slips at all when your hand is wet. Incredible razor for the price!..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Carmen Pietroniro Date Added: Sunday 06 July, 2014
Outstanding razor! very comfortable razor striking the perfect balance between agressiveness and smothness. No nicks, no irritation, great daily driver. You will put your Edwin Jagger and Merkur aside after you try this!..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
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RazoRock “SLAB” Three Piece Safety Razor
RazoRock “SLAB” Three Piece Safety Razor

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