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RazoRock Jaws Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Razor

 [Item # RRSS-01]
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List price: $14.99
Customer Rating
(22 Ratings)
Availability: In Stock


RazoRock Jaws Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Razor

Ever since my partner and I plunged into the traditional wet shaving business, one of our quests has been to find a high quality, but low-priced safety razor, to offer our customers. The honest truth is... most men first try their hand at traditional wet shaving because of the economic benefits; it definitely makes a lot of cents (pun intended ;-)) to spend 15-20 pennies on a double-edge blade, rather than 3-5 dollars on a multi-blade cartridge.

The problem was, most good quality safety razors start in the neighbourhood of $30-50, and this is for a “chrome over pot metal” razor. In the days of old, the Gillette safety razors were usually “chrome over brass” and lasted decades. We could have offered a lower quality/lower priced safety razor a long time ago, but that's not how the boys at ItalianBarber and RazoRock do business. We truly care about our customers and we strive to only offer high quality at affordable prices. Well... I'm happy to say, I think we have done it again!

The new RazoRock Safety Razors come in both a Three-Piece design (TP) and a Twist-to-Open (TTO easy load) design. The Twist-to-Open models are chrome over a brass frame, the way it should be! The Three-Piece models sport a chrome over brass handle with a chrome over zinc alloy head. These, my friends, are safety razors the way they use to be made! The best part... we are offering these razors at extremely aggressive prices because we want to show the world that an amazing traditional wet shave can be had with an extremely low budget!

To sweeten the pot even further, we are including a FREE 5-pack of Lord Platinum blades!

This is a happy day here at and RazoRock; I hope we are channelling all our joy and love out to our wonderful customers; we are truly blessed!

**Due to the price-point of these razors, they do NOT come with any warranty, so please aware of this.

Overall length of the razor: Approximately 10.1 cms (4 inches)

Weight: Approximately 82g (2.9 oz)

Blades Included: 5-pack Lord Platinum Blades




by Brent Calver Date Added: Tuesday 23 October, 2012
Got this thing days after ordering it, and received it just in time to attack three days of thick beard growth. In conjunction with the Mudder Focker soap that also arrived, this cut through that growth like nothing. I'm not entirely sure it's replaced my DE89 completely, but it will be a big player in my grooming...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Matthew Sepersky Date Added: Wednesday 10 October, 2012
From Reddit R/Wicked_edge username: MyL1ttlepwnys (thats me!) My normal razor is a Merkur HD, so you know where I am coming from...This will be a look through the lens of somebody that uses a fairly common setup. My shaves with the Razorock Jaws used this setup: Proraso Green cream and Astra Platinum blades. Begin review here: The Razorock came in a very short turnaround...about two days from shipping, included a five pack of Lord Blades and was packed in a simple cardboard box with a sticker. Inside the box was a plastic travel case that is not custom fit for the razor, but will do fine to keep it from damage in a suitcase. The razor is heavy for its looks. Without a scale around, my best guess is it weighs the same as an it is tall, thin and still a pleasant weight that adds to a sense of quality. It is a long handle and has a handle grip pattern that is very similar in pattern to a Merkur, so no worries about grip. All in all it feels like shaving with a razor sharp will not need to add pressure to cut and the weight is perfect for slicing hair on your face. The shave itself was very aggressive, as you would expect from an open comb. I am used to a three pass BBS shave with my Merkur, so I tried this with the new razor...not a good idea. I realized that I was nicking up my neck pretty badly and getting some noticeable burn on day one. Day two I backed off on the third pass and did a simple two pass with/against the grain shave and had a perfect BBS shave with no irritation. Live and learn as the day one problem was my own fault for not adjusting to the new razor. Overall it is a fantastic kit for the price and well worth the twice the price (dont get any ideas Italianbarber...). If you want a great shave at a low cost, it is a perfect solution and well worth it. Likes: heavy duty weight, excellent shave action, great looking, price, price, price. Dont like: Three piece (personal thought), screw for attaching the head is stubby and seems to be a weak point if not well cared for...but at the price a corner had to be cut somewhere...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Emmanual Kreisman Date Added: Tuesday 27 August, 2013
Excellent value. But be warned, I was really taken back by the aggressiveness of the razor. At least as aggressive as my merkur slant. Came with plastic case and 5 razors.As i said, great value...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
by Mitchell Swirski Date Added: Saturday 29 June, 2013
This is an excellent razor. I wanted something more aggressive than my EJ DE89. The open-comb design is very useful if you use an oil or beard lube to shave, it doesn't get gunked up at all! My favourite part coming from the DE89 is actually the handle. It's nice and long, but more importantly the pattern used for the grip means you couldn't drop this thing even with a hand covered in soap or oil. Overall I like this razor quite a bit better than my DE89, and for half the price!..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
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