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  • We have made it really easy for you head shavers and put together a "head shaving kit" with some of the best-selling products that will cover all your bases from shaving preparation to after shave treatment. 

    Here is what you get...

    1 x Gillette Guard Cartridge Razor (includes 1 cartridge blade - Each blade is good for 5 shaves!)

    2 x Gillette Guard Cartridge blades (3 +1= 4 cartridge blades in total)

    1 x RazoRock Essential Oil Of Lime Shaving Oil, 50ml

    1 x RazoRock XXX Aftershave Balm, 100ml (Sub Lime Balm if XXX not available)

    You will not be disappointed!!! This is the BEST Head Shaving Kit on the market!

    I recommend shaving your head in the shower, with this kit.  It's simple!  Take a hot shower, then at the end of your shower use a quarter sized amount of oil and rub it into your head for 45 seconds.  Then shave your head with the Gillette Guard razor.  Make sure to rinse the razor often.  If you want to go for a second pass, re-wet your head and shave away!  Once you are out of the shower and your head is dry, complete the shave with a little RAZOROCK XXX balm.

    Benefits of the Gillette Guard Razor...

    • The single blade design avoids clogging and allows you to shave with less blade rinsing
    • The blade gap allows you to shave heavy growth with ease and is perfect for head shavingThe pivot head makes shaving difficult area a lot easier
    • Great handle grip allows you to safely handle the razor with even the wettest and slickest handles
    • The safety combs prevents nicks and cuts
    • A hang-hole on the handle allows for the razor to be easily hung in the shower; great for shower shavers and head-shavers
    • The cartridges are designed for easy and quick rinsing
    • The cost is super economical compared to North America market cartridge razors

    What's funny to me is, the best cartridge Gillette has ever made isn't sold in North America.
    This is the razor I personally use to shave my own head, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Head Shaving Kit