• RazoRock Jaws Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Razor

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  • RazoRock Jaws Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Razor

    It's BACK!! That's right, the RazoRock Jaws, our all-time best selling RazoRock open comb razor is back and better than ever! With our new open comb head and checkered brass handle you won't find a better value open comb razor in the traditional wet shaving world.

    Why do you want a RazoRock Jaws?  It's pretty simple really, because you are getting one of the best designed open comb heads in the history of shaving combined with a super grippy and comfortable solid brass handle with a beautifuly executed checkered knurl!  How's that for a sales pitch :)

    Open comb razors provide unique attributes that you won't find in any other razor.  The teeth allow you to shave multi-day growth with extreme ease and you don't have to worry about razor clogging and high pressure rinsing.  Razor clogging is a big issue if you are shaving in a place with poor water pressure or using a sink or bowl to rinse your razor.  Open comb razors allow you to shave closer to facial hair like a mustache, goatee or beard.  They are great for outlining because you can easily find and use the edge of the blade.  Lastly, the open tooth design allows you to use the razor for convenient beard trimming.  They are the most convenient and least messy way to trim down facial hair like a goatee or mustache; the teeth easily travel through the hair and the blade trims them.

    Weight: TBD
    Head Material: Chromed Zinc Alloy
    Handle Material: Chromed Brass
    Handle Length: 85 mm
    Handle Diameter: 12 mm
    Made in India
    Bonus: 5-pack of Derby or Astra blades included.