• RazoRock Baby Smooth Double Edge Safety Razor

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    These are the last of the aluminum Baby Smooth razors for the foreseeable future.  PLEASE READ THE WARNING BELOW, THIS IS A PROTOTYPE!

    RazoRock Baby Smooth Double Edge Safety Razor


    *One warning, this is a prototype so you agree to buy the razor at your own risk.  There is absolutely NO refunds, exchanges or warranty.  Your feedback is welcome but not obligated.  Razors may have small blemishes.

    The intention of the RazoRock Baby Smooth was to design and build a safety razor specifically for sensitive skin and for daily shaving.   The criteria was:

    • The razor must be easy to use and easy to find the right shaving angle
    • The cutting action must be efficient but mild
    • The geometry of the head must aid in reducing the occurrence of ingrown hairs and razor burn
    • The handle must be comfortable but provide optimal grip even if used with the slickest of shaving soap, cream or oil
    • The razor must be manufactured to very low tolerances using CNC machining
    • The razor must be 100% designed and manufactured in Canada
    • The razor must offer unparalleled value-for-money in the double edge safety razor market

    I believe we met all the intended criteria with the final prototype version you see here.  The razor has been thoroughly tested by the RazoRock team and now it’s time for our clients to test it, if you are willing.  I don’t foresee any changes but I can’t be certain until we get feedback from a larger user base.

    This razor is made using CNC machining in Canada, it’s built from billet and rod 6061 aluminum.  It’s finished with a black anodized coating to protect the aluminum from oxidation over the long term.  All three of the posts in the top cap are fully machined from one piece of billet aluminum, no tacked or spot welded posts here!


    Complete Length : ~98mm

    Handle Length: ~91mm

    Handle Diameter: ~12mm

    Handle Butt end Diameter: ~14mm

    Weight: ~39 grams (1.4oz)

    Material: 6061 aluminum

    Finish: Black Anodized finish

    Build: CNC machined head (billet), CNC lathe turned handle (rod)