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For The Italian Barbers, Michael and Joseph—two experts in the manly business of shaving: Gentlemen, we want to thank you for helping us to spread the knowledge, glory and enjoyment of the man’s shaving ritual to a remote corner of the world. East Paktika is a region in which shaving was formerly banned, punished and abhorred by an enemy of all free-loving people of the Civilized World.

At Your Service and Very Respectfully,
The East Paktika Men’s Shaving Club, Paktika Province, Afghanistan
“Cutting-Edge, Professional Border Security and Counter-Insurgency"

Hello Joseph and Michael,

I just wanted to express my true appreciation for the service your company provides. Ive been shaving properly for 7 months now and enjoying it very much. With the help of your customer reviews, as well as all the silliness of the Badger and Blade community, I have used and fallen in love with many of the products you provide. Delivery times for my orders have very prompt, well packed and accurate. My latest included a LaToja stick and 444 balm. Both of which, (after only two uses) have worked brilliantly for me. At such a terrific price point, I quickly ordered two more of each.

Thanks gentlemen -- Lowell, Saskatoon, Canada


Sales: Very Satisfied Customer

Gents, I placed an order with you on Oct. 24, and after reading some posts on badgerandblade got the impression that the Canadian Post Office system was - shall I say not the fastest on the planet? Much to my surprise, I received my order today (Oct. 30), and was of course pleasantly surprised. Further, the shipment box was superbly packaged; it could have been dropped from a roof and the contents would have remained safe.

Having now pecrused your website, I found many products that are not readily available on the general market, to include the two Lilly of the Valley edt's that I ordered. I am delighted to have found you, and can assure you that I will continue to order traditional shaving products from your company.

I thank you for the very professional handling of my order, and look forward to doing more business with my friends at the Italian Barber.

Best Regards and - Ciao! -- Ray D., South Carolina, USA


Your response time is excellent. I'm sure your superior customer service is winning you some wetshaving fans. -- Mike P., South Carolina, USA


HI Joseph and Michael,
Thanks again Joseph for the order cancellation in December.  It shows how great your customer service is.  On another note, I just received my last order from you guys and I only have good words for this E-shop.  Orders are always well prep!  Quick deliveries!  No Ebay scams...Simply the best in Canada!  You have the best products out there and we can "almost" feel your passion for the shaving art through our computer screens!!! Ahum, almost....(got to keep a little restraint here).
If you ever need anything for your shaving needs, gentleman, don't hesitate, it's at you'll get it!!! -- Martin V., Laval, Canada

Joe, you are "Il Meraviglioso" ("The Marvellous") -- Marco, Rome, Italy


Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for at the best prices, but the whole transaction, from ordering online to receipt of my order, was very professional. I was impressed by your attention to details - the packing list on the outside of the box and the quality of the packaging. My order arrived very quickly and its contents were perfectly protected. I don't usually write testimonials but in this case I thought it was necessary. When exceptional service is rendered it is important to recognize it. I am very impressed with your business and will certainly be back again. -- Robert T., Pennsylvania, USA

"Italy is only one click away when shopping at, a one stop shop for all my shaving needs"  -- Emil, Mississauga, Canada

The passion of Joe - what a pleasure to order from you. Thanks for maintaining the zen of my wetshave -- Trent R., West Moorings, Trinidad

"Your service is excellent and your products are even better; a picture tells a thousands words!. One of the best shaves ever courtesy of Barbiere" -- John C., Richmond Hill, Canada


My package arrived today, in great shape and very well packed. The P.160 actually smells good enough to eat! I guess you know what I will be using in tonight's shave. My new P.160 and Bolzano Blades! Now if I could only sing in Italian. ;-)  Thank you for your prompt service -- Don F., California, USA

The P.160 has arrived in Moscow! Everything is PERFECT!  Many thanks and best wishes for 2011 from Moscow! -- Valery S., Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Joe , great to talk to you my friend ! I love your approach to doing business!  You have earned a customer for life with me , and it is your honesty , good business practices , and great customer service that will keep guys like me coming back ! -- Moses M., Maine, USA


Thanks for sending along my recent order. Shipping was speedy and the package carefully wrapped. Your excellent inventory of wet shaving items has many Italian specialties generally unavailable elsewhere on the web and the prices are very competitive. The RazoRock shave cream is a real discovery and will definitely find a place in my rotation. Here’s to your continued success. -- Peter M., Nova Scotia, Canada


Hi Joseph,  Thank you so much for being so prompt with sending me my first purchase with the Italian Barber - a Feather Stainless Steel Razor!
Wow, am I impressed with how beautiful this razor is and I may just spend a couple of hours just looking at it. I know it is a very "lethal" razor once you put in a Feather blade in it, but my research indicates that it is also rated as mild rather than aggressive in cutting.
I am in my third week of DE shaving, and I am so hooked on DE shaving. I even wake up early to be able to take my time shaving with a DE Razor. After my shower, I still use a hot wash cloth to prepare my face for the shave. My question is do you recommend using a pre-shave cream or pre-shave oil prior to putting on the lather and shaving? I want to get my face really prepared for the Feather Stainless Steel razor. I currently use a pre-shave oil with each of my three passes, but I am not sure whether I am using too much shaving oil to be effective or cost efficient in shaving.
I am a whole lot more confident with my technique by locking my wrist and not bending it to stroke the razor over my face. I use short strokes and shave WTG on pass 1 and 2 then XTG with pass 3. I then carefully do  buffing on small areas that need it, but am careful not to buff the same area too many times. I also learned never to shave a part of my face without lather on it. At first, I was overwhelmed with shaving technique information, but now I am trying just to keep the shaving experience simple and not try to get the perfect shave until I get more experience.
Let me know what you recommend on pre-shave preparation. I have read the Leisureguy's book "Gourmet Shaving" and he does NOT recommend any pre-shave oils, but he does not explain "why".
At the risk of being redundant, thanks for your professional marketing and delivery of an awesome DE razor that I plan to treasure and use for a long time.  Best regards, -- Bill P., New Mexico, USA


Joseph, My package came today! Opening the box I felt I was like a little child at Christmas! I love the "extras" placed in it!  I'm already working on my next order.
I wish you success! I will be a loyal customer for a long time. -- Stephen M., Maryland, USA


Joseph, I received my package from Canada Post yesterday - unbelievably fast!  Re. the Razorock XXX, I tried it this morning.  Out of the 50 or so creams and soaps that I currently have, it may be the best shaving product I have ever tried.  The lather is superb, and the scent of the XXX is simply astounding and intoxicating.  Congratulations on this superior product!  -- Steve G., Ontario, Canada



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